Here are a few tips you should take in mind when filling out our application.

1) We tried to keep the list of questions short, so be sure to fill out what is there as thoroughly as you can. A lot of applications are quickly filled out with short answers. While that won’t necessarily prevent you from getting in to Silhouette, any application that is well written with a lot of heart almost always gets the attention of every officer in the guild. Essentially: Sell yourself to us if you’re serious. Otherwise we may pick a similarly qualified person over you if they put in the extra effort. Short answers sort of tells us you don’t really care much.

2) DO NOT SKIP THE WORLD OF LOGS PART. This goes for tanks, dps and healers. This is arguably the most important part of your application. We do not just look at your logs to see how much DPS you do. We check to see how you die, how you manage cooldowns, and a number of other things. We’re as much concerned about being able to rely on your raid awareness as we are having you crank out worldwide competitive DPS.