<Silhouette> is a 10man alliance guild formed on the Scilla (PvP) server. We now call Sargeras (PvP) home. We formed a short bit after ICC was released and cleared it entirely, including Heroic Lich King. Our founding members have been playing for nearly 4 years now and are committed to making this a stable, lasting guild that will continue raiding through Cataclysm.

<Silhouett​e> was founded on the simple principle of less is more. We believe that 10man raiding has evolved to the point of surpassing 25man raiding in terms of enjoying the game; 10man raiding offers similar content but in a closer environment. 10 people get to know each other better than 25 people and the result is a more enjoyable experience for all.



Guild Culture

As a 10 Man progression raiding guild, we juggle intense raiding with a friendly atmosphere. Tension does run high occasionally on progression fights. People with extremely thin skin may have problems. However, generally, we get along and have fun playing together.

We generally do alt runs on the weekend, and while not required, participation is highly encouraged. After progression, we often host very successful GDKP runs, some of which regularly netted our players upwards of 20k gold payouts at the end. We also use down time to sell current or previous tier Hard Mode achievements and mounts to help our players make gold.

95% of the time, we provide cauldrons, feasts, enchants, gems and guild repairs, so we’re light on your in-game bank account. Funds do occasionally run low at the beginning of tiers as we buy raiders BoEs, enchanting and crafting materials, etc, so you are still expected to provide your own if the need arises. It is pretty rare that it does.

Our roster is loaded with a fair number of people in friend status, so there are usually people online to do things, particularly in the evenings. Being a 10 man guild, our roster is unfortunately too small to reliably host Rated Battleground groups, but someone coming in willing to provide leadership could potentially rally up something for off hours.

About US-Sargeras(PVP)

We moved to US-Sargeras(PVP) shortly after the release of Tier 12. We moved here because:

  • Healthy Competition, many other strong progression guilds
  • Large Population, there is almost always something going on.
  • Healthy Economy, there are lots of rich players and lots of people selling stuff. You can find virtually anything on the Auction House including extremely rare items, and prices are stable and reliable.
  • Strong PvP community for both arena and RGBs

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